How I Found 3 Rare Security Bugs In A Day

How I Found 3 Rare Security Bugs In A Day


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Hello everyone,

Last week, I was waiting for test accounts to pentest a mobile application. So at this time, I decided to look for a bug bounty. I choose a program from Hackerone and started to hack it. It was about travel and trip website. I have found 3 vulnerabilities. Even if one of them was a duplicate and two were accepted as informative, I decided to explain them to you, because they were unusual vulnerabilities. Even if those vulnerabilities didn’t help me with bounties, they may help you to find new bugs.

When I review the website login logic, If I choose e-mail login It was asking for your e-mail as expected. :D

And when I enter my e-mail, it is sending me an e-mail with a sign-in link.

It says this link can be used only one time and in 10 minutes it will expire. So, I clicked the link and sign-in successfully.

After then, that link should be expired, right? But, is it? I have copied the link and opened a private tab to check it.

It says there is an error, you can send a new link to your e-mail. However, when we examine the URL, we see there is a parameter “success=false”

What happens if we write true to this input?


So, we can use the same sign-in link forever in order to log in.

(2)- The credit card checker bypass:

I will explain that shortly, even if you bypass some of the security functions of the company, they can say it is informative.

There is a credit card checker function on the website, so with that, customers can not enter random numbers as credit card no.

The function was that:

So it was checking card length and the first six digits.

I tried 454545 as a VISA card’s first six digits and I changed the length from request via burp proxy.

So it accepted 454545 as a card.

(3)- E-mail bombing and Rate limit:

There was a button on the website about “do you want a notification if there is cheap travel?”. I click it and it was asking for an e-mail.

After then I enter my e-mail. It sent me an apply mail in order to be sure that’s my e-mail and if I really want notifications. However even though I didn’t apply it, it started sending notifications. Then I started to review the request and I realize that there is no rate limit if you enter different mails.

So if an attacker has e-mail DB, btw all hackers have :), an attacker can send all of them notifications from the website, without their approval. Firstly it sends apply mail but without applying it, it starts to sending cheap travel mails…

So that was the last vulnerability. Hope you enjoy it while reading. See you until the next vulnerability.