Submission Guidelines — InfoSec Blogs

Submission Guidelines — InfoSec Blogs

We're always looking to help people in the InfoSec community share and discuss new ideas and methodologies and learn from each other to improve their skills.

What It Means to be Published with Infos3c Blogs

  • The story will still appear on your profile page.
  • As the author, you own all rights to your story.
  • If you publish your story on Infos3c Blogs, it will be visible to our readers.
  • We also share a link to the story on our Twitter page.

How to Submit?

If you’re not added as a writer. Then, What are you waiting for?

Become a writer💻 at Infos3c Blogs.

So, If you are interested then please, Join through this signup link:-

Now, I believe that you joined✔. So, Follow these below steps to submit your new* blog, article, or writeup with Infos3c Blogs.

  1. Navigate to:- OR click on write button to write a blog/article/story. 0.png

  2. Write the blog that you want to submit but don't click on the Publish button yet. 1.png

  3. Now, Click on the Publish button and select the Infos3c Blogs( option. 2.png

  4. Once you select then the Publish button will convert to the Submit Article button.

  5. After that, Add all the required details(like: cover, tags, etc) and then this time click on the Submit Article button to successfully submit the blog. 3.png

  6. Now, We will get the notification and accept the blogs within 24 hours.

  7. Finally, Your blog will be visible to the readers of Infos3c Blogs.

*Note:- Hashnode only allows the submission of new blogs and not those that have already been published with your Hashnode profile or domain. So, Be careful at the time of publishing or updating blogs and only select our publication not your profile otherwise, you won't be able to submit that blog with us or you have to write that blog again in order to submit it on Infos3c Blogs.

We look forward to your submissions!

Thank you!✨